Let’s understand the current situation first!

The pandemic has affected small businesses as well as jobs globally and people now are looking for some legitimate secondary income sources. While business could be a great idea, people don’t have enough backup in their banks to setup a costly business.

In such a scenario, you need a business idea that is affordable, automatic, risk-free and of course legal.

Well, how would it be, if you could setup a business under ₹20,000 and if it can give you a return of ₹10,000 to ₹30,000 per month without any extra effort?

Sounds like another online scam, right? Well, no need to trust me! Just read the article till end, and you take your decision based on your knowledge.

If you aren’t yet convinced, this article isn’t for you. Others continue!

Ecommerce Website Development

For most people it’s just a ‘heavy term’, as they don’t have enough knowledge about

  • how to get ecommerce website development services in India at cheap price;
  • how the business works — online payment, shipping, return, profit margin etc.
  • how to make profit competing with the giant brands.

So, start with a business idea that’s unique and has very little competition. Like, you can target any regional product like any popular traditional handicraft, any special dress item, any dry-fruit of your locality or something like that. You’ll get millions of customers across the country and will face nominal competition.

What next? Well, let’s dig little deeper! There are companies like InfoHub that provides ecommerce website development services in India with android app within ₹20,000 and that too with all important sales features like online payment gateway integration, live chat support option, courier/shipping service integration and so on. The complimentary mobile app will ensure you recurring orders from your registered customers and you can be able to focus on your business further.

Regarding sales and promotion of your business, hire any of the best digital marketing company in India and they will setup ad campaigns for you. Though initially the cost would be little high compared to your profit, gradually it will decrease over time.

How ecommerce business works? Majorly there are 6 steps:

  1. Develop ecommerce website (preferably with mobile application)

    You have to hire any ecommerce website development company and they will build your estore as per your requirement.

  2. Integrate APIs

    Signup for payment gateway and shipping services and integrate them to your website.

  3. Upload page content and products

    Add relevant and unique content in your website pages, privacy policy page, terms of service, return and refund policy and other important pages. Also add your products with image, details, price, offer price etc.

  4. Promote your products

    Start marketing of your website and products to attract potential customers. Hire any digital marketing company in India and let them publish PPC campaigns in social media and search engine.

  5. Let customers place order

    Interested customers will visit your website, register and will place order by making online payment.

  6. Shipping company will process your order

    Shipping/courier company will get the order automatically and will pick your product from the vendor/your store and will deliver it at your customer’s doorstep.

Yup, it’s as simple as it sounds! Get free consultation from our experts for further assistance or call 7688067773 for instant support.

Classified Website Development

I don’t think there’s any person who uses smartphone and haven’t yet visited any classified website to search for any product or service!

Actually, these are websites that offers laypeople to create their account for free and publish their ads without having any business necessarily. Whether you are a private tutor, astrologer, service technician, home-made cake producer or anything else, you can post ads here for free.

What’s the profit publishing a classified website?

  1. By offering premium features
  2. By integrating Google AdSense
  3. By offering ad areas of your website on rent directly to businesses
  4. By selling leads to potential customers
  5. By charging commission to vendors for every conversion

InfoHub provides full featured and attractive classified website development services in India within twenty thousand rupees.

You just need to develop it, fill some data manually, run ad campaigns to attract more audience and forget all about it! Once it gets a certain number of customers, it will become viral automatically.

Give it a thought and develop some unique business ideas to make it more appealing for your customers. It will help you reduce your number of competitors and will make your earning higher and smoother.

News Website Development

In India, there’s no laws for launching news portal! Well, there is act for your online behaviour and you must have to obey that. Otherwise, you can make huge earning consistently without much effort — if you have a popular online news portal.

How to earn by launching online news website?

  1. Income from AdSense
  2. Income from Affiliate Program
  3. Income from Ad Area Selling to businesses
  4. Income from Guest Post
  5. Hosting live webinar/speech/show

News websites are little different from other businesses as it gets popularity based on your news quality and frequency. So, you need an experienced team of news writers who will write and publish valuable and research based news regularly.

You need to reach the published news to readers through various channels or have to hire any reputed digital marketing services in India and they will promote your website.

As you get higher number of readers regularly, you have to approach for AdSense integration and other steps one by one to generate income.

But, the base of success relies on an attractive layout of your news website that can highlight all your news properly and offer proper engagement features for them. It should have options to integrate your ad accounts, live webinar and so on.

Simply contact with any Business Website Development Services in India and they will build the right news portal for you.