So, you launched your YouTube channel a few weeks ago and posted several videos. But, till now it’s not getting enough views or subscriber and you’re getting upset every time you are logging into the dashboard, right?

And this is the point when we plan to buy YouTube subscribers and views to speed up the process of monetization.

Well, you are not alone in the ecosystem of YouTube who is struggling to grow and trying every next ‘trick’ to go viral. Well, there are several organic and proven methods that can work for you. But, in this article we’ll discuss whether you should buy YouTube subscribers and views or not.

Who Are These Subscribers?

The first thing that must know before you buy YouTube views and subscribers is, mostly these are either bots, inactive or fake users. They subscribe you through any portal, just because they are paid for the same. These accounts don’t engage with your videos, leading to artificially inflated subscriber counts.

Naturally, YouTube notices a sudden unnatural grow in the subscribers and view which its algorithm detects as spam.

But They Claim That These Are Real Subscribers!

Well, it’s not all about real or fake! As YouTube has monetization method based on your subscribers and watch hours, it keeps sharp eyes on the source, behavior and authenticity of the subscribers you are getting.

YouTube has designed a highly strong algorithm which is designed to identify fake engagement and spammy behavior. Even if your subscribers are real human beings, they aren’t your target audience and naturally, they won’t engage in your content like they should be. YouTube will notice it and will understand the scenario very easily.

You must know that buying subscribers violates YouTube’s terms of service, and if detected, can result in severe penalties such as account suspension, removal of purchased subscribers, or even the termination of your channel.

Purchased Subscribers Won’t Give You Engagement!

Higher number of subscriber simply means, higher engagement, isn’t it? They will watch your videos, like, comment and share, right? But, when you buy YouTube views and subscribers, you will miss these valuable metrics in your analytics!

While a high subscriber count might seem impressive, it loses its value if it doesn’t translate into actual engagement. Well, if your videos doesn’t have that much valuable content or engaging content, you can get less engagement. But, when it’s fake subs and views, you’ll get zero engagement.

Why Don’t You Invest in Ads & YouTube SEO?

Yes, if you are desperate in getting more views and subscribers in a short time, it’s better to invest in legitimate methods to drive genuine audience. Yes, we are saying about YouTube Ads, Social Media Ads and of course YouTube SEO. They work and gives you genuine growth. So, instead of investing in purchased subscribers, it will make better sense in paying for YouTube SEO service.

Those fake subscribers won’t be your loyal fans, neither will add value to your channel. They will just increase the number and which will eventually damage your channel’s reputation and monetization credibility, if not even worse!

Don’t Forget the Ethical Concerns for Deceptive Practices

YouTube has it’s own terms and conditions regarding spamming and using unethical practices. While they can disqualify you from getting monetized, they can even suspend your channel and any active AdSense account.

Apart from that, it’s against general ethics to buy YouTube subscribers and views. This way you cannot build a community of likeminded people who will keep you growing. So, it’s always suggested to go for YouTube SEO or run Google Ads through any PPC campaign manager and attract genuine viewers who will eventually get converted into loyal subscribers.

If you have any question or want any service to grow your YouTube channel, get in touch with our experienced SEO professionals.