Case 1: Anuj from Lucknow hired a digital marketing company in USA for his interior designing company website. The website was 1 year old and some of the keywords were on rank. But, after few weeks of SEO work he found that the keywords got vanished from SERP (search engine result page).

Case 2: After starting SEO, Mr.Pandey discovered that the the keywords of his pest control website were getting in rank very fast. But, suddenly after a couple of months several keywords disappeared and the traffic fell drastically.

Case 3: Koyel, an owner of a garment ecommerce website started digital marketing services in USA to boost the sales. But, even after six month, none of the keywords came even in top 100 list of SERP. Now, she has started paid ad campaigns after losing a lot of money on SEO.

Well, these are few case studies of my clients where they previously worked with some other digital marketing agency in India. I get call and mail from several business owners who have faced similar issues even when they were paying a good amount of money for organic promotion of their website.

So, why does this happen? Is it a fault of the website? Have the previous agencies cheated? Isn’t SEO enough useful these days?

Well, there can be several reasons behind this. But, mostly people do some mistake that become serious. So, let’s find what mistakes you must not repeat.

Mistake #1: Not Having Up-to-Date Knowledge on Digital Marketing Services

The top factor that most people need to know is, Google is changing its algorithms rapidly and regularly to make it more useful and accurate. And if you aren’t aware of these latest changes, there’s a good chance, you’ll violate Google’s policy ‘unknowingly’.

It’s one of the top reasons that most of the low cost digital marketing company in India fail to keep their commitment.

Mistake #2: Not Paying Attention to Google-Friendliness of the Website

Business owners are bothered about how their website look. But, to get traffic, you need to make it easily ‘readable’ by search engines.

What does that mean? Search engines send automated ‘bots’ to crawl your website to understand ‘what your business is all about’. The better it will understand, the chances will be higher that it will send ‘relevant traffic’ to your website.

Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds, though the background process is too complicated!

However, the problem is, many of the digital marketing company in USA don’t get enough budget to work on these aspects or they just focus on the major technical areas. However, it matters a lot when comes to getting better rank.

Mistake #3: Not Paying Enough Attention while Choosing Primary & Semantic Keywords

A business can be searched using hundreds of terms and phrases, based on the niche. But, obviously it’s not always possible to include all those keywords in your internet marketing plan, neither always necessary.

So, it is highly recommended to pay great attention to every minute details while selecting your keywords. Do remember, that just having a good ‘search volume’ doesn’t make a keyword ‘appropriate’ for your SEO plan.

You need to focus on the competition of the key phrase, relevance, length, and several other significant factors while finalising it. Spend enough time adding and removing terms to get th final list and explain your client why your digital marketing company in Kolkata have chosen ‘these’ keywords.

Mistake #4: Incomplete or Poor On-Page Optimisation

This is one of the damn mistakes that SEO guys often do. Without a complete and thoughtful on-site optimisation, it’s almost impossible to get the desired result unless your product or service has extreme demand in the market and you have very little competitors. Hopefully, that’s a rare case in this online world, isn’t it?

Actually, this is the process that makes your site ready for promotion. On-Page Optimisation isn’t all about updating meta title and meta description of a webpage. There are several steps and cruicial factors to follow and it takes good brainstorming as well as effort, says an expert at our digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

Do not here that, when a wordpress development company in Kolkata says that their website is SEO friendly, it doesn’t mean that they website is On-Page Optimized.

As our our Google Certified AdWords Expert, Mr. A. R. Banerjee, you win half the battle, if you have a powerful on-page work.

And, in my opinion, this is the final mistake that affects the rank of a website badly. To get on rank, you need backlinks. But, make sure they are natural and comes from high PR websites only.

One artificial backlink can destroy your effort of a week. So, be very careful. It’s not just posting a shallow content on a blog and putting a hyperlink. The site needs to be high PR and the content must need to be original, engaging and informative.

So, every digital marketing company needs a proper content writing strategy and needs to writ thorough content on regular basis. Post them in relevant high PR website with proper anchor tag.

Well, there are several more things that you need to keep in mind to avoid Google’s penalty. So, whatever you do, first make thorough research.

And yes, if you still are facing any issue, don’t hesitate to inform us in the comment box. We assure you to guide you with the best possible answer.