Google AdWords

Why wait months for rank, when you can get leads from the very next day? Start Google AdWords to show your products and services on the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page). InfoHub is one of the top rated online advertising business agency in Kolkata providing strategic and result oriented Google AdWords service to its global clients.

What Is Google AdWords?

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Example: Google AdWords

When you search on Google, you get two types of results — Google Sponsored Ads, and Organically Ranked Results. The first kind of results are the AdWords powered ads. It is also popularly known as Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign (PPC Ad Campagin).

Benefits of Google AdWords

  • Start Getting Leads Instantly
  • Set Expense Limit as per Your Budget
  • Get Detailed Report of Expense and Ad Performance
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Effective on Most Type of Website/Business

How to Start?

While Google offers a simple platform for beginners to start ad, you need in-depth knowledge on the detailed features of AdWords platform to get proper result. The more you can optimise your ads, the lower will be your expenses and still the chances of getting lead will increase. So, get in touch with our friendly experts to get detailed guidance or check our AdWords Packages.