Ask a website owner about their frustration and they will tell that they aren’t getting enough traffic to their website. Some businesses run paid ad campaigns at time, but mostly it drains out your valuable fund and yields less result, says an SEO expert at our digital marketing services USA.

Eventually some tries several random methods to drive traffic to their website and others contact any of the best digital marketing agency USA. While professionals do the work best, it may cost a lot. Others just put their website at risk of penalty by link spamming.

So, if you also have gone through these phases and trying to get traffic to your website without running ads, read the article till end.

Work in Details on Your On-Page Optimization

As per one of our SEO Specialist at our Digital marketing agency USA, almost one website out of 100 has partially complete on-page, while the rest have not done any activity on their on-page. Actually, this is highly ignored even by several SEO guy, while it is the primary criteria for any website to get on rank and to get traffic. Only if your website is based on any an exceptionally lucrative topic, you can get traffic without doing on-page work.

In brief, On-Page optimization is a process where we prepare a website perfectly to make it visitor-friendly and thus, make it easily understandable for search engines as well. There are lots of factors where you need to pay attention to and have to configure them minutely. An on-page ready website can get almost 30% higher exposure compared to a normal website.

Checklist for OnPage Activities of any Website:

  1. Title Tag Optimisation

    Every web page has a Title that needs to be relevant, keyword centric, meaningful and brief. Don’t leave title tag empty of generic.

  2. Meta Tag Optimisation

    When search engine shows result on SERP, it shows the meta title and meta description in the snippet. So, make sure it is enough catchy, keyword focused and have right length.

  3. H1-H2-H3 tag Optimisation

    In a web page, we decorate title, sub-title, body text etc. through several types of H-tags. Make sure they are configured properly.

  4. Content Optimisation

    Content is the prime property of your website to bring it on rank. So, create highly engaging, SEO friendly, unique and detailed.

  5. Internal Link Optimisation

    Creating an intelligent internal linking between various pages of your website will increase visibility of your pages and will make navigation from one page to another easier.

  6. Alt Tag Optimisation

    Define the images, graphics used in your website using appropriate alt-tag so that search engines can read them properly.

  7. URL Optimisation

    Create SEO friendly URL, preferably with keywords.

  8. Website Speed Optimisation

    The faster your website opens, the more traffic it will get. Actually, a bulk number of users don’t wait for a slow website to load completely, and jumps to another.

  9. Sitemap XML Integration

    Sitemap XML is a page-tree of your website in xml version so that search engine, as well as users can understand the navigation structure of your website.

  10. Robots.txt Integration

    Robots text file is a technical notice/instruction for search engines and bots about the crawlable pages of your website.

  11. Google Webmaster (Search Console) Setup

    Connect your website with Google Search Console so that you can track search performance of your website as well as can know if there’s any issue in your website.

  12. Google Analytics Setup

    Google analytics is a detailed reporting platform, which gives you an in-depth overview about performance, traffic source and several other factors of your website.

  13. Conversion Tracker Setup

    Whether you have an ecommerce, or collect leads through your website, conversion tracker will tell you about the number of conversions you got and thus you can set your marketing strategy accordingly.

  14. Canonical Issue Fixing

    Opening a single website/webpage using multiple URLs is a serious issue, that can impact badly on your SEO. Fix it.

If you have completed this process, proceed to the next step, where we’ll explain how you can promote your website among the right visitors and get traffic easily.

Start Publishing YouTube Video

Have fear to face camera? Don’t have good editing software? Don’t have a professional camera? Stop worrying about these! People are eager to learn from your knowledge about your business domain.

Take your smartphone, choose a place in your room or office, add a couple of lights if needed and start recording any video that may help your audience, says an expert of a top digital marketing services USA. Be sure that your voice is clear and it’s easily explained for all types of visitors. Now, create a YouTube channel and upload it. Enter enough details about the video wherever there’s an option.

Believe it or not, you’ll get lots of traffic to our website from these videos and also can get direct leads from your channel.

Start Blog Commenting

Believe it or not, blog commenting works! It works beyond imagination, and that too with minimum effort. While you need to invest a lot of time and effort creating a useful blog, you can simply choose a few top blogs, read those thoroughly and write a relevant and genuine comment on that and can get a solid backlink.

As per a Digital marketing agency USA, the success depends on the genuineness of the comment, not the length. Any suspicious comment with generic, exaggerated text will be deleted by the admin as ‘spam’. And most of the website owners do the same mistake. They write a generic comment and post that on all the blogs. Well, that won’t work.

Similarly, you can comment on YouTube videos as well referring your domain. It will give you a quick boost to your traffic. However, in the highly popular videos, there’s a chance that your comment will go back as soon as others start commenting after you. Still, it can add some value to your website.

Do Forum Posting

Forums like Quora, Github are some of the top areas where you can get millions of real visitors. Most of these visitors can be highly potential, if you target the right question. Yes, as per a Digital Marketing Services USA you have to simply find a relevant question and have to answer the best. You don’t have to worry about your grammar, if you are sure about the knowledge you have shared. Be relevant, to-the-point and clear. Don’t try beating the bush around.

And the most important thing! Never ever promote your business while answering a question. You can obviously post your website URL as a reference; but don’t use any anchor text like “for low-cost blah blah blah service visit this site”. You can say like “for further reference, visit this site”.

Start a Blogging Site

If you think you have a good writing skill, or you have an experienced content writer in contact, you can definitely start blogging. It’s one of the most powerful and reliable methods to get quality traffic and increase the rank with higher stability, says a Digital marketing agency USA.

Choose any hot topic that people want to know about, which has huge search volume and write detailed, unbiased, unique and of course engaging blog. Backup your every detail with relevant image, graph, video, link or whatever is required.

The most important thing here is be sure that no chunk of your blog is copied from any other website and that it’s not a re-written version of any other blog. Now, post it with an SEO-friendly permalink, relevant tags and an appropriate and brief excerpt.

End Note

These are no how a challenging task, if you really want to save your money yet want bulk traffic to your website. But, the actual challenge here is maintaining regularity. If you one fine morning start all these activities and then forget for a month, you won’t get any result. You have to maintain a consistent gap and have to do it regularly – with perfect quality.