How much do you spend to promote your website?

Whatever is the amount, after reading this article till end, you can enjoy FREE TRAFFIC as well as massive sales on your website, says an expert of our digital marketing agency USA.

Even if you don’t pay any agency or ad platform, you can use these Free Tools of Google and generate huge sales by spending 10minutes a day, or even less! Amazing, isn’t it?

Free Tool #1: Google Merchant Center

If you have an ecommerce where you sell products, Google can help you getting massive number of sales – that too without spending a penny! Yeah, we’re saying about Google Merchant Center!

What is Google Merchant Center?

It’s a free platform where you can connect your website and fetch all the products you want to this platform automatically with live price. The products will show under Google Shopping section just like a shopping platform among all your competitors.

So, if your product has some uniqueness on quality, price, details, offers or anything else, you can beat even the giant competitors without spending a penny, says a senior expert of our digital marketing services USA.

What’s the benefit of Google Merchant Center?

  • Showcase your products and services in most professional way with direct shopping button
  • No SEO required for eligible products
  • Both on-Google & on-Website Purchase option available
  • Less competition & high traffic

Time needed: 3 minutes.

How to Setup Google Merchant Center for your ecommerce?

  1. head to the signup page of Google Merchant Center

  2. Signup using your Gmail id and fill in the business information

  3. following o-screen instruction

  4. Click on the Get Started button on the dashboard

  5. Claim Your Website by adding Google’s code on your website’s Header

  6. Click on Add Contact Information of your business by clicking on the button

  7. Verify Your Phone Number by clicking on the dedicated button

By now, you have completed setting up the basics of your Google Merchant Account. Now, you need to add your products of your website in the Merchant Account. As per an expert of our digital marketing agency in India, based on your website’s technology and your expertise, you can choose any of the options available at Merchant Center and it will automatically fetch the details.

If you want, as said by our digital marketing services USA specialist, you can even choose to add your products manually by uploading them one-by-one or by uploading a csv. Follow the on-screen instructions or contact your developer for further assistance.

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Once Google’s team will verify your account and your products, they will publish the products to appear across the Google Search Results.

Within few days you can see remarkable result from your GMC and that you can check from your merchant center dashboard. Make sure you have added enough details about your products with a perfect title, so that it can easily appear get hike on SERP.

Free Tool #2: Google My Business

Another highly effective and yet free business tool that Google offers is Google Business Listing. No doubt it’s one of the golden tools offered by Google that can reach your business to millions of local clients easily and can give you a vivid presence on search result. As said by a digital marketing agency USA expert at InfoHub, whether your business has an online presence or not, you can create your Google Business Account and can utilize the benefits of it.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business, which is also known as Google Business Profile and Google Local Listing is a tool that showcases your business with all major details, verified by Google and thus make you available on Google Map. So, as said by our SEO specialist in USA, it’s a method to make your business visible to the target audience and get leads directly on your phone or website.

What’s the benefit of Google My Business?

  • Create business profile even if you don’t have a website
  • Stay on top of search result
  • Do branding of multiple business location with single profile
  • Show your business on Google Maps
  • Direct Call & Chat option for buyers
  • Get direct visitors to your website from Google Business
  • Publish Offers, Deals & Events on Google My Business
  • Get review from customers & get promoted easily

How to Setup Google Business Listing Account?

You can setup your Google Business within few minutes using your laptop or mobile phone. Just follow the steps below:

  • Visit the signup page of Business Listing account and click the signup button
  • Search if your business is already listed on Google, and if NOT, proceed with Add My Business button
  • Enter your business name and select the most appropriate category
  • If you want customers to visit your business location, click Yes on next screen and enter your business address
  • If you select No, you’ll have to provide areas where you provide service to your customers
  • Now, add a phone number where your customers can call you directly, and if you have a website, add the website URL as well
  • On the next screen select if you want useful updates from Google
  • Now, on the final screen, enter your office address where Google will send a post card with an OTP which you need to activate the account
  • One you receive the post card, log into your business profile and enter the OTP to make your profile visible to public.

Now, decorate your profile with logo, cover picture, business description, products, services and other details. As per an expert at our digital marketing company USA, the higher activity you’ll maintain in your profile, the higher rank it will get among your competitors. So, keep posting valuable things in your profile time to time.

Free Tool #3: Google Search Console

Though it directly doesn’t provide you traffic, it’s the foundation to your website’s organic promotion. This tool will help you to invite Google to crawl your website, will check performance of your website on search result as well as inform you about the issues in your website.

What’s the benefit of Google Search Console?

  • Invite Google search crawler to visit and index your web pages
  • Check performance of your website on Google Search Result Page
  • Check your top performing web pages
  • Check locations from which you are getting traffic
  • Check issues in your website like speed issue, responsive issue, crawl issue and so on
  • Get customized alerts on how to improve your website’s visibility and performance on Google.

Unlike Google Analytics this Free SEO Tool provides you an in depth report on your websites overall performance on Google’s search result. Even if someone uses your website on incognito mode of their browser, Google Search Console can track that. Just for your information, as said by one of our experts of our digital marketing agency in India, this tool was previously known as Google Webmaster Tool.

How to Setup Google Search Console?

So, now let’s know how to add your website on Google Search Console. It takes just a minute or two and is little bit technical at the end.

  • Head to the signup page of Google Search Console
  • Click on the Start Now button and log into using your Gmail id
  • Copy & paste your website’s root link on the 2nd option, e.i. URL Prefix
  • Download the html file shown on the next window
  • Upload the file on the root folder of your server’s cPanel
  • Once done, come back to the Search Console’s page and click on the Verify button
  • If it shows Go to Property, it’s done successfully

Well, you need to configure all these tools properly to get best result from them. If you face any trouble, get in touch with our experts and get free consultation. We are available on all major channels 24/7.