Tea is the most consumed liquid worldwide – just after water. India is one of the top producers of top quality tea leaves, and still few of us know about the unbelievable health benefits of green tea.

People are more curious to know about how to lose belly fat naturally; but they mostly overlook the miraculous weight-loss effects of this beverage. Surprised, right? Well, there are several more jaw-dropping facts about green tea that I’ll share with you. Health conscious people, don’t miss it!

What is Green Tea

Many people wonder why it is called green tea, while the colour of the beverage isn’t green! Actually, it is the least processed form of tea leaf that contains all the valuable nutrients of the leaf and thus it is called as ‘green tea’.

Amazing Facts about Green Tea

Before we get into the main content, let’s gather some unknown and surprising facts about this thick leaves.

  • Tea-juice was used as a pain-killer on the ancient days during the battles
  • Among all types of tea that is consumed worldwide every day, only 20% is green tea
  • Green tea isn’t produced from any special species of tea plant; it’s same as the black tea
  • Green tea is probably the most beneficial beverages in the world; even better than red wine
  • China is the highest producer as well as consumer of green tea

Why Green Tea is Better Than Black Tea?

Tea leaves are dried and brewed to prepare black tea. During this process tea leaves get oxidised and lose the nutritional value. On the other hand, green tea is the least processed form of the dried tea leaves.

Just for your information, white tea is even less processed and considered as the highest value tea. However, it doesn’t taste good and thus basically used as medicine in countries like China and Japan.

What Are The Major Benefits of Green Tea

People don’t take green tea as a refreshing beverage – it’s used for its health benefits. It contains very high amount of antioxidants and polyphenols that can help you prevent several diseases as well as can help you heal many. Here are some of the top benefits of great tea.

Prevents Cancer

By the time you’ll finish reading this blog, almost 11 cancer patient will be died in India alone. Not a matter of joke!

While our life has been surrounded by cancerous products, green tea can be a breath of fresh air with high amount of polyphenols. In different studies it has been found that polyphenol works great to control growth of tumours and so reduce the chances of cancer.

Though there is no solid evidence and research is still going on, scientists say this beverage may show significant result to prevent cancer of various types ranging from breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and so on.

Reduces Cholesterol

High cholesterol (bad cholesterol) has become a burning issue. If you take just two cups of green tea every day, you can reduce LDL to a remarkable amount within next two months.

Gives Glowing Skin & Shiny Hair

Describing benefits of green tea without saying about its amazing effect on skin and hair would make the blog incomplete.

Pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, wrong eating habits and several additions increase the amount of toxins in your body that affect natural glow of our hair and skin. The antioxidants in green tea can kill the free radicals of this toxic compounds and give you a fresh body that will definitely reflect through your skin, hair and even nails.

So, I suggest all of my clients to switch to green tea, preferably without sugar, to retain the youthfulness for a longer time.

Helps Losing Weight

If you are looking for ways on how to lose belly fat, I have a good news. I already have written in my previous blog that taking green tea can help you activating the muscle cells and burning the fat. It also helps you suppressing your zombie hunger. I suggest taking 3 to 4 cups of green tea in a day – without sugar and without whitener (in case of black tea).

Sooths Inflammation

Green tea has proven results on all types of inflammatory diseases – mainly skin related. Whether you have psoriasis or is suffering from dandruff, green tea can give you marvellous result very quickly. As per studies, it actually helps repairing skin cells and so replacing flaky skin with glowing fresh skin.

Improves Memory & Concentration

So, you have become frustrated with your forgetful mind which is affecting your professional as well as daily life at home, right? You don’t need to take those bitter herbal juices anymore – just two cups of green tea can work!

How does it improve memory? Actually, it’s a ‘side-effect’ of green tea where it refreshes your blood and thus nutrients reach more effectively to your brain. And your brain’s inbuilt ‘service centre’ starts tuning up your memory and concentration.

Also the caffeine in green tea (contains lesser than coffee) is a natural stimulant that improves the function of your brain and so makes you smarter day by day.

How to Prepare Green Tea

It’s not all about taste and flavour – green tea is more a medicine than a beverage. Most people don’t know how to prepare green tea and thus get a bitter black liquid with less or no nutritional value. The best steps as per experts is boil water, turn off the oven, add tea leaves, cover the lid and leave it for two minutes. Your tea is ready – serve it without sugar or whitener!

How Much is Okay

There are several other benefits that I could include here. But, I thought it’s important to make you aware of the warnings as well. Too much consumption of green tea can increase the amount of urine and may be some other complications.

I am writing another blog about the side effects of green tea and once finish, will publish it. So, it’s better to be on limit and not to take more than 5 to 6 cups a day.