One of the most searched questions in Google is how to lose belly fat quickly, and probably this a process that has a failure rate of more than 95%.

People want miracle! But, losing fat isn’t an overnight process. You have to be dedicated and of course disciplined – at least for three months, if you follow my methods. If you are ready for that, this blog is for you.

People of every age can suffer from obesity and it’s threatening for all. I never suggest any shortcut like taking weight loss pills or go on fasting – they can be dangerous.

What is Fat?

Fat is actually a natural system to create an ‘energy backup’ in our body. A part of the food gets stored in our body as fat and it breaks into energy through a reverse mechanism when we need energy but food isn’t available at hand.

It’s our unhealthy lifestyle that is causing overgrowth of fat in our body by eating more than we need.

So, this excess fat causes the bear belly, right? Yes, but there are two types of fats – visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is stored all over our body, just under the skin and the surprising fact is it doesn’t make us bulky. Rather it is important for you to make a cushion for your organs.

So, my aim is to lose visceral fat, isn’t it? Yes! But again another problem – visceral fat is tougher to reduce. Then how to lose my belly fat?

Don’t worry! I have a plan that worked on many.

Three-Step Method to Get a Slim Figure

Most of the fat burning methods you find in internet starts with dieting, continue with hectic exercises and ends with an impossible lifestyle; and that’s the most vital reason people mostly fail.

Considering this fact, I have divided the process into three steps to make it simpler and more efficient that gives you a slim figure just in three months.

We need to stop extra addition of fat, burn the existing and prevent restoration.

So, I have developed this method through long research to make sure every person can follow, no matter you are a housewife, an office goer or a college student. The steps are:

  • Tricks to reduce calorie intake that makes you fatty
  • Tricks to burn belly fat without diet or exercise
  • Tricks to change habit in long term to prevent restoring of fat

The bad news is, I won’t describe the third trick in this blog as it will be too long. Just revisit here and I’ll post that very soon.

Tricks to Control Calorie Intake

The calculation of how much calorie you need or how much you should take can be too complex. My simple theory is to reduce it as much as possible without affecting your energy level or making yourself sick.

Always keep in mind that fasting cannot be a solution. Complete nutrition is highly important – just limit intake of calorie-packed foods. How? Here are tips for you.

Add Coffee & Tea in Your Daily Schedule

Both are highly appetite suppressant and can give you amazing result to lose belly fat naturally. Well, excess consumption of coffee or tea can be harmful; but, taking five or six cups in a day is good, especially when you are doing this just to control your hunger and improve metabolism. Whenever you feel like taking a pack of chips or some cracker, just take a cup of tea.

Don’t pack it with sugar cubes – that can be even bad. Prefer taking it without whitener that will give you some extra benefits as well. Know the health benefits of green tea and may be you find some valid reasons of switching to it. As a bonus, the antioxidants in green tea can remove the free radicals (toxins) in your body and help you to get a fair glowing skin naturally.

Take Time to Chew Food Well

When we eat, hormones keep sending signal to our brain about how much you have eaten. Give it enough time and it will flag your stomach as full before you actually finish your meal.

There is another benefit of chewing food well. It helps in digestion and you get full benefit of what you eat. It remarkably reduces the chances of acidity or other digestive problems in future.

Buy and Use Small Plates

Bigger plates contain more food and still it looks little. It is a big reason we often get habituated with larger meals than we should. Reduce the plate size, and automatically it will ‘affect’ the quantity you take. Also start using small spoons to that will make it ‘hectic’ to take a big meal.

Remove Junk Foods from House

Junk foods and fast foods are made up of flour which has no nutrition value other than calorie. So, keep them out of your house. These 2-minute foods make you lazy as well. Instead try some homemade food using fresh vegetables and whole grains. There are hundreds of recipes available in YouTube. Try them. It’s a vital part when you really want to know how to lose belly fat naturally.

Say NO to Health Drinks

The market has become packed with so many ‘nutritious health drinks’ and still every next person is suffering from low immunity, poor health, poor memory and lack of concentration. Actually, those are nothing but schemes of those marketing experts to fill you with lots of sugar to give you some instant energy. Those can’t give you a good health – stop wasting money on those.

Increase Vegetables in Meals

In India we take rice/bread as the main item of the meal and take around 30% vegetables. Increase the amount of vegetables as much as possible. It will decrease the amount of calorie intake, increase bowel movement, give you more nutrition value and improve your health.

Avoid White Foods

Any white food like potato, rice, flour, sugar, banana etc. are actually very high in calorie. Keep these as low quantity as possible in your meal. These are highly fat-booster with little nutritional value. Instead include those high-fibre food ingredients like cereals, brown-rice, whole-wheat atta etc.

Take More High-Protein Meals

It is a misconception that taking high protein food makes you bulky. Protein is highly valuable for your health to build muscle, produce highly essential amino acids and above all to control your weight. So, add protein to your every meal, if possible. Though animal protein gives more value to our health, if you are a vegetarian, choose items that are rich in protein.

Drink Lots of Water

There can’t be any alternative to drinking water. It sooths your body, improves bowel movement and dilutes hunger-hormones making them less effective and makes you feel fresh. As per a study, taking half glass of water before any meal can reduce your food intake by 30%, if not even more.

Tricks to Burn Belly Fat without Diet or Exercise

So, we have successfully blocked the process of adding new fat layer in your belly. It will also help you to burn the fresh fat automatically without doing anything extra. But, that’s a slow process.

For those who want a flat tummy, I have some unique methods where you don’t have to follow any diet, neither have to do any rigorous exercise. Can’t believe, right? Just go through the points below.

Stay Stress Free

In today’s rat race, it’s very tough for people to avoid stress. But, stress affects your sleeping cycle, which disrupts the balance of two major hunger hormones – leptin and ghrelin. Cortisol is another hormone that gets increased when you get stressed and all these make you hungry for those unhealthy food.

Lemon & Water Method

This is an amazing way to boost metabolism and burn those stocked fat in your body fast. Just take a glass of lukewarm water, squeeze a lemon in it and drink before taking breakfast in the morning. Well, make sure to take your breakfast within 30 minutes after taking this lemon-water, or else it may cause acidity.

Brisk Walk Can Accelerate Fat-Burning

I promised to not to include any exercise, as most bulky person are little bit lazy (don’t get angry – I’m not stigmatising you; it’s natural because of some hormonal imbalance in your body). Still, there are some who may want quicker result by any means.

So, you can go on a brisk walk in the morning. Remember, your daily rush during the office time doesn’t benefit your health – but this will. So, try not to skip it. If you are a late riser, you can plan a walk after your dinner. It will also improve your sleep.

Lifting Weight

Want a faster result? Lifting iron can be a great way. Ladies, don’t be worried – it won’t make you masculine like males. Every actress whose curves attract you do weight exercise regularly.

But, the main trick is, it must need to be too heavy weight as per your capacity. This heavy weight will directly affect those yellow and brown fat deep inside your belly – the toughest ones to burn. It will trigger burning those fat and activate the muscle cells. You can also satisfy your sweet cravings just after lifting these heavy weight and the sugar will now get stored on those muscle cells – not in the fat-bank of your belly.

But, always do it under expert’s supervision, else it can injure you badly, if not something even bad.

How to Stay Slim

Being slim is half the battle, if you don’t know how to maintain it, as these people’s body tends to restore fat again very quickly.

But, as I said earlier, in this blog I won’t describe the third point – tricks to change habit in long term to prevent restoration of fat. First you need to follow the tips on how to reduce belly fat naturally.

Don’t be upset, I’ll publish that trick very soon. Till then try these and share your feedback. If you have any query or suggestion, don’t forget to share with me – I love to answer question of my readers.