Earlier I have posted how to earn money online through YouTube without any investment. But, I know many of you haven’t still planned to implement this business idea, isn’t it? While some are afraid of the technical matters, most didn’t find it enough lucrative.

Well, it’s good to measure your opportunities before you start any business; but, it should not be led by laziness or irrational expectations.

Don’t forget that you have nothing to lose in this business if you fail and so, ‘risk’ cannot be an excuse. On the other hand, if you put the YouTube channel on the right track you can literally earn endless!

Didn’t believe, right? Here is a real success story of an Indian YouTube star who earns in millions every month through her YouTube Channel.

Nisha Madhulika – The YouTube Star of India

Nisha is a 60 years old simple homemaker who loves to cook vegetarian dishes (even without onion and garlic) and do experiments to prepare new delicious food out of easily available ingredients and simple-to-follow process.

She isn’t one of those kinds of ladies who spend their time gossiping with the neighbours or watching meaningless reality shows. So, she was looking for a way where she can showcase her hobby – cooking.

And just to unbox her secret recipes to help thousands of new-wives, rising ‘chefs’, and food lovers, she launched a blog. Slowly she started getting response from a large number of readers, which was beyond her expectation.

But, it became embarrassing when every next reader was asking for some video tutorial as that’s easier for them to follow the process than reading long text-based recipes.

Finally, in 2011, she launched her YouTube channel with the help of her husband and started posting videos of her recipes. At first it was an overwhelming experience for this down to earth lady to face camera. However, she managed somehow and as she already had a fan base, it gave her some quick success. Seeing her videos getting viral was itself rewarding for her.

The journey wasn’t smooth, though. Her kitchen, lighting and camera wasn’t suitable to produce high quality appealing video which was causing problem to get a good number of viewers.

She didn’t surrender. She convinced her husband and converted one of their bedrooms into a modern kitchen to look professional – at least ‘on camera’. Her husband constantly supported her to shoot video, editing and other nitty gritty of the process.

Every morning she wakes up early and completes all the preparation task like chopping vegetables, soaking grains, grinding and so on and then his husband joins with the camera. After fumbling few minutes and some retakes, she finally completes the cooking with her sweet commentary and signature slow-movements. Her husband leaves for office after taking the dish as breakfast.

Right now she has an unbelievably huge number of subscribers of 7,50,000+ and it is still growing rapidly.

Can’t wait any more to know how much does she earn, right? Any guess? Hold your breath – it’s really jaw-dropping. She has created a net wealth of Rs.8 crore through her YouTube channel and it’s multiplying every month!

Now, It’s Your Turn

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