Is it really possible? That’s the first question that strikes in mind. And why not when every next person says these all are fraud! It’s natural when you don’t know the genuine ways to earn money through home based online jobs.

Well, I confirm, IT’S POSSIBLE; and it’s not limited to ‘online data entry jobs’! There are ample opportunities that would suit your skill, time and preference. However, it is also true that traps and scammers are always there. Don’t worry; I’m here to tell you some genuine ways to make money online safely.

Can I Do These Jobs?

It depends. While some are very easy and most of the people with basic computer and internet skills can do easily, others need some special skill-set on a particular domain. No, need to explain, skilled people can secure a bigger amount.

How Much Can I Earn Per Month?

I’m not going to handover any magic wand here that would make you a millionaire overnight. If you are searching for something like that, I suggest not to read further – you are wasting your time. These online jobs can just add some extra space on your monthly budget by spending a couple of hours every day.

To make it clear, the amount can vary from Rs.2,000 to Rs.10,000 per month depending upon what task you select, how much time you invest and what is your expertise. Well, there are enthusiasts who can earn more through some extra research and effort.

How Much Do I need to Invest?

Zero! If anyone is asking for any ‘security deposit’, just leave the website immediately. No genuine website ask you for money to earn money. If they ask for, they have some other intension.

If you are ready to invest money for a better earning, I have different plan for you. Just re-visit our website in a couple of day for the next blog or subscribe to our newsletter.

Be cautious! Keep these points in mind before you proceed any further:

  • If you aren’t well aware of the online traps and scamming methods, better not to keep registering at every website that claims to provide guaranteed income – you can end up getting bankrupted.
  • Don’t spend full day in these jobs. It won’t give you huge. Instead, if you have that much time and skill, and want to earn huge, may be Rs.50,000 per month from internet, I have some other plans for you – just keep visiting until I publish that.
  • Your mental energy doesn’t deserve $0.01. So, keep away from too low-paid works. Don’t work at the cost of your health.
  • I recommend not to share your banking details to get the money transferred. Rather, I suggest to use PayPal, Skrill, Payza, Payoneer etc. Also, transfer the amount to your bank, as soon as it’s credited.

How Much Time Do I Need to Invest?

Most of the tasks that I’m going to describe are suitable as part time jobs and I suggest to invest two or three hours per day as per your convenience.

Better you utilise the non-productive hours of your day, may be the idle times between two assignments in your office or an hour in the morning or so. These aren’t good to choose as your only way to earn – it can’t be an alternative to your full-time job.

What Do I Require to Start? I mean the prerequisite?

Most of the tasks would require a computer with the basic applications and a smooth internet connection – preferably a high speed one. In some of the special tasks, you may require something extra tools/applications; being domain experts, I guess you know those better.

Well, I’m Ready! I am Eager to Know The Ways!

Don’t hurry! Earning money was never easy. Millions of startups failed to earn a single penny, just because they skipped some vital steps. So, I recommend, read all the tasks mentioned here carefully and pickup only the most relevant one.

Don’t try to be jack of all trades. Not every task is for you. If you have any query or face any trouble on any of the tasks, leave a comment and I’ll reply with the right solution/suggestion accordingly.

Also, be a quick learner to make sure you get more than what you give. Most of the tasks would give you little amount of money individually adding up which can be a handsome amount. If you take too much time on a single task, it’s not worth wasting time on that.

Final Word: Learn to Accept Failures

Job providers aren’t there to distribute money. They want quality work. So, your tasks may be rejected. Learn to accept that. Depending upon attentiveness, it takes a few days to a couple of weeks to learn the right method and earn with least ‘rejection’. So, don’t surrender.

#1: Mircrojobs or Crowdsourcing

Automation have slaughtered several job opportunities. But, still there are tasks that need human intelligence to get completed. While the tasks aren’t too big or complex to hire professionals on salary basis, organisations want someone to do these at a lower per-work cost. This is where the concept of microjobs start.

Let’s make it simpler! There are agencies (websites) who collect bulk amount of micro-jobs from giant brands and distribute it among the right workers through their online platform. You just register yourself as a ‘worker’ on those websites and complete small and simple tasks and earn little amount of money against each correct completed task.

The per-task amount can be as little as $0.01 and as high as $5 depending upon several factors like:

  • Complexity of the task
  • Time required to complete
  • Organisation’s budget
  • Your skill level

There are websites which have options to participate on various skill tests to know your skill level. Also, often you are awarded with a higher level badge for accuracy of your work. It’s clear that ‘workers’ with higher level badge get more money for the similar type of tasks and also get access to more high-paid tasks.

Where to Get Genuine Microjobs?

This is the main part you were looking for, isn’t it? There are websites like Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk), Microworkers, ClixSense, Fiverr, RapidWorker which are renowned for providing genuine microjobs. While you can find out several more through little more research, the bad news is, most don’t accept registration from Asian countries.

Well, I have a trick for you. If you have any friend in UK or USA, you can ask them to create the account on behalf of you and verify it with their mobile number. Once it is created, you can update the account details a month later with your details and continue working.

What Am I Supposed to Do?

Mostly these are simple online tasks that only a human being can do. Here is a list of jobs that you may find on these microjob sites:

  • Creating account on various given websites
  • Filling up online surveys forms
  • Making post on various forums and social sites
  • Tweeting, retweeting
  • Typing CAPTCHA
  • Blog commenting
  • Categorising products
  • Performing a series simple tasks as instructed
  • Testing and rating mobile app
  • Data entry & data conversion
  • And many more

How Would I Get The Money?

As you complete a task and it gets approved, the money will be added into your online wallet. You can check your wallet by visiting the account section.

The payment method differs from one website to another. Mostly they pay through some online payment channels like PayPal, Skrill, Payza, Payoneer etc. Also they have some ‘minimum withdrawal amount’ limitation which is mostly $10. So, you can’t transfer an amount below $10 to your account. A few of these have fixed payout date per week or month.

What Commission They Charge?

The websites I have mentioned here don’t charge any commission to the ‘workers’. They get money from the ‘task providers’. However, it is subject to their ‘policy’ and they may change it anytime. You have to verify it from the respective websites.

Is There Any Success Mantra?

Sorry, there is no shortcut; already they are very simple. Don’t use any tools or they may blacklist you. The simple trick that I suggest my readers is to be honest on what they do. Follow their instructions carefully and give yourself some time to become habituated. For the first a couple of days, it may seem difficult, monotonous and time taking – especially if some of your works get rejected. But, be patient – soon it would become as simple as a cup of tea.

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#2: Freelancing

It is rare to find out any enthusiastic person with some skill, who have never worked as a freelancer. The problem is they lose interest as they get paid a very little amount for their task in the local. Thanks to various online platforms who still pay a respectable amount for the right quality of work.

Who Can Become a Freelancer?

Anyone with skill on a particular domain. Whether you are a designer, website developer, app developer or a content writer, you can earn literally unlimited. You just need the right skill level, and a genuine work provider.

What Type of Jobs are Available?

Depending upon your skill you can find all types of works. Here is a list of some of the popular ones.

  • Content Writing (blog, article, webpage, script writing etc.)
  • Designing (logo, banner, website, corporate identity etc.)
  • Web Development (PHP, WordPress, Joomla, CakePHP, Magento etc.)
  • App Development (iOS, Android etc.)
  • Consultancy (Financial, Legal, Astrological, Civil etc.)
  • Others, which I’m not covering in this write-up

Where to Find Freelancing Task?

There are several reputed and trusted websites like UpWork, Toptal, PeoplePerHour, Guru, Craigslist, Freelancer etc. All are well crowded with freelancer and most earn a handsome amount by providing the right quality of work.

How Much Can I Earn?

It depends upon what task you get and what is the market value of that task. It can be as low as $5 and as high as $1000 or even higher. You also have to think in the marketing perspective to get long term projects.

How Would I Get Paid?

Every website has their own rules; however, mostly they pay via PayPal and other popular payment channels. Check their website for further details on this.

Is There Any Success Trick?

Not trick actually. But you can follow these tips to get success quickly in these platforms.

Create A Good Profile

Just like you want a reliable job provider, clients also look for a skilled worker. So, create a profile that describes you best. Fake or exaggerated information can give you a project; but soon it will go on dispute. So, be honest on what you say and present yourself the right way – like a professional.

Participate in The Tests

All these websites have option to participate in various tests related to your domain. You are ranked on the basis of how many questions you have answered and how quickly. So, be fast and accurate. It’s going to be your trump card.

Low Bid Isn’t The Best Trick

Getting a job awarded is important. But, not at the cost of your health. Claim money, which is reasonable – even if others have bade low.

Maintain Good Professionalism

It’s more important to deliver a project within the stipulated time with up-to-the-mark quality. Test/check it several times before you flag it as done. It’ll ensure you smooth income and help you to create a good profile.

#3Trading Domains

Sounds wired, right? It’s a proven method to earn huge. It can give you more return than equity market, if you can master the tricks. Well, it’s a type of gambling (don’t worry, it’s not illegal) and you can make losses as well. Yes, this is a method that needs some investment. So, if you aren’t ready, skip this part.

What Do I Need to Do?

Simply book a domain which can have a high demand in the near future and set it on auction with your contact detials. Buyers will contact you to buy it from you and utilise the opportunity to bank a good amount.

What is A Domain?

Domain is nothing but the address of a website, also known as URL. It’s something like and it’s unique. It has two parts – the website/company name (here the ‘example’ word) and an extension (here the ‘.com’ part). There can’t be a second website with the same combination, and that’s the soft target of this business.

What Domain(s) Should I Buy?

There is no simple answer. You have to keep your eyes open to ‘guess’ which domains can be important for someone or some organization in the very near future. There are two cases:

New Domain

Say, you just came to know the name of an upcoming movie or a startup company or so. Just book the domain with name of that movie with the right extension (mostly .com, but not limited to) and wait for the lucky day.

Existing Domain

In this method, you keep checking the expiry date of already existing domains. You can check it through websites like ‘’. Search and make a list of domains which are expiring soon, so that if the domain owner miss the final renewal date anyhow, you can book it immediately. These can be more profitable, if the domain is well active with thousands of regular visitors.

You can literally earn manifold than the amount you have invested.

Where to Buy Domains?

There are several websites. Some of the popular ones are GoDaddy, Hostgator, Nextraone DreamHost etc. Compare price before you book.

What Extension to Buy?

That’s the second-most vital part. Mostly people prefer .com domain. So, it’s better you stick to that at the first stage. Improve your knowledge on domain extensions by Googling a bit and you can widen your opportunities.

If you have any solid information and think this time it can be a jackpot, you can book the other popular extensions as well as for the same domain name (the ‘example’ part). In India, it can be .in, and so on.

What Is the Success Ratio?

It totally depends upon how accurate you can guess, what type of information do you have, and how deep research you can do. There is no formula that I can spoon-feed. So, it’s better you do some research before you actually make the investment.

How Much Does A Domain Cost?

It depends upon the popularity or demand of a domain with the combination of a particular extension, as well as some other factors. It can be as low as Rs.99 to several lacs. Invest keeping your budget and readiness to digest losses in mind.

When Can I Expect Return?

It is subject to the demand of the domain. It can be the next week or even next year. So, I recommend not to invest on those domain that have a low chance to get purchased. As you be confident on this business, you can increase the limit of the amount you invest.


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And don’t forget to share your thoughts, queries and issues! I love to hear from you, whatever you have to say.