Choose Your New Year Resolutions for 2018 – Now or Never

Hey there, have you selected your New Year Resolution? If not yet, it’s the perfect time.

Today I’ll provide you with some useful guidance on choosing, planning and executing your resolutions that would definitely make the upcoming year more worthy for you. Don’t miss it!

Do These New Year Resolutions Work?

Actually most of the people aren’t enough disciplined and self-triggered! They need some target and proper motivation to achieve success in ‘valuable goals’. So, choosing New Year Resolutions is a good method to set a custom target as per demand of your situation. Even if you fail to follow it properly, it can make your year good great.

But, don’t you think every year it remains limited to your Facebook status? Actually we do it emotionally in hurry – without doing much research. It lacks enough realistic thought; it lacks enough motivation; it lacks proper planning.

But, if you read this blog till end, I can guarantee, you won’t fail this year.

I have mentioned several resolutions – choose whichever is relevant to you.

Take Control on Your Weight

Every time you started dieting to lose belly fat, you ended up being more addicted to those fatty and spicy food. But, have you ever thought that you are spending money buying slow poison for you? Your BMI (body mass index) is going high and it would cause several health hazards in the near future – directly and indirectly.

So, if you want to continue enjoying these foods for lifetime, limit it now. Follow these tips and may be it become little easy for you.

  • Skip/avoid at least one treat or outdoor dinner per week. It doesn’t make big change; but still valuable for you.
  • Choose a cup of green tea when you feel cravings for those snacks during office-time; it will suppress your hunger. Prefer sugar-less tea to avoid adding more carbohydrate.
  • Avoid heavy dinner; it makes you too fatty.
  • Take lots of water, fresh fruit and green salad – they keep you fresh and reduce your amount of food intake.
  • Start some free-hand exercise regularly. Don’t choose any absurd schedule which may fail.

Enrich Your Knowledge

Whether you are a student, a professional, a housewife or a retired person, adding knowledge would make you smarter. Learning new things is rewarding and keeps your mind busy in positive thoughts. It helps people avoid depression, build confidence, implement knowledge in their life and many more.

As per a study, reading a story (or even a blog) before bed time ensures a sound sleep and keep depression at bay. I know at this current age, everyone is over-busy. So, follow these tips to build a good reading habit.

  • Subscribe to newsletters at some blog site that publishes interesting and/or useful blogs time to time. You can see our subscription form at the right hand side column under the menu.
  • Install some free apps that has good collection of stories, novels etc. in pdf format. Utilise your idle times like, while going to office or so to read.
  • Search for new blogs on your domain or interest area and follow those regularly. Make queries and read answers.
  • Buy subscription of magazines at your house and make a habit to read them after breakfast or after dinner, instead of watching those biased news or worthless reality shows on TV.
  • Revise your old books related to your profession or any other novel at your rack during the weekends.

Start a Side-Income

Money matters! Don’t waste your skills and young age watching cricket or chatting on social sites; keep those aside for your old age. Instead invest some time every day on earning some extra money. I don’t say to become sick working long hours after doing your full-time job. There are several simple ways to earn money online without any investment. Start any of them and work consistently. Here are a few handpicked money-making ways for you:

  • Launch a blog and start posting valuable content. Once it become popular after a year or so, you can earn money through AdSense, affiliate program or can get blog writing jobs. Yes, working as a freelance content writer in Kolkata is one of the most profitable home-based businesses.
  • Create and launch a website yourself for free and start selling your handcrafted items online. It would take some time to get good amount of buyers; but strategic plan to increase traffic and consistent effort would bring result.
  • Join any online tutorial forum as a teacher and impart tuition to students virtually – sitting in the comfort of your home. If you have the right skill, you can earn good.
  • Make useful or funny videos and upload them on YouTube. If you get good number of visitors regularly, Google will include some ads before your video and you’ll start earning some money whenever you get a visitor next time.
  • Join some micro-job website and complete simple tasks like app/website testing, data entry, participating on surveys and so on.

Create Wealth for Future

How many times have you planned in your New Year Resolution to save money? And how many times you actually succeeded? I can visualise your smiling face – the approval of failure. But, this time you’ll get success with my tips.

Our expenses increase in parallel to our earning. Most of the today’s generation fail to create any wealth as they spend too much on gadgets, clothes, foods and so on for short time happiness. But, every person should save at least 20% of their earning every month; not just to bypass the tax – but to secure a better future.

There are two phases of creating wealth – saving money on every expenditure that you make and investing that savings in the right financial instrument. You can read about some of the best investment plans in India for short and long term goals. But, follow this guideline while you choose your plan:

  • Invest 40% of your saving in secured long term plans like PPF (Public Provident Fund), RD (Recurring Deposit), FD (Fixed Deposit), Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana etc. However, they aren’t good inflation-proof instruments.
  • Invest 30% of your extra money in high profit and moderately risky instruments like Mutual Fund, Gold, Silver etc.. There are several types of mutual funds that can give you a lucrative return of 10% to 18% or even higher. Do some research, before you invest.
  • Invest at least 20% of the amount in some good health-plan. The expense on medical services are going high rapidly and mostly they aren’t well affordable for middle-class people. So, don’t skip this step.
  • Invest the remaining 10% in share market (NOT suggested for beginners!). It can boom up your wealth within a short span of time. But, before you start, gather good knowledge on how to follow the market trend and how to choose the right stock. And yes, don’t believe on those ‘guaranteed calls’ from the stock brokers – you will end up losing your money.
  • And now the most discussed one these days! Invest 0% in Bitcoins! Oh, it’s not a typing mistake – I literally said ZERO. Yes, this virtual money isn’t enough trustworthy to invest – you may get bankrupted. Leave it for those billionaires who won’t mind if few lakh is lost.

Stop or Limit Addiction

If you are thinking about smoking or drinking alcohol – you are wrong; I have included gadget addiction, lottery addiction, selfie-addiction (medically known as obsession) and such things as well in the list. They also affect your mental and physical health, make you less social and more idle, affect your relation with family members and so on. I know it would be very tough for you to add this in your New Year Resolutions list. But, it’s highly necessary – your least success would leave a positive impact on your life. Here are some tips:

  • Use smaller net packs or set a low daily-usage limit from phone settings. It would help you controlling your phone-addiction. Instead of playing mobile games or chatting with friends, invest some money and buy table-tennis, carom or such indoor game items and enjoy a better time with family.
  • Instead of watching those hateful series or tasteless comedy-shows in TV, go on a movie with your family members during the weekends and spend a quality time. It will improve the environment of your home exceptionally.
  • Avoid group members who drink frequently or regularly. Schedule your home-based jobs during those times when they generally go to bar so that it works as a good excuse for you. And never ever make it a habit to drink at home, unless you are too confident on your self-controlling power.
  • Set password and On/Off timer in your television (if you have LED or LCD TV) so that your children can’t access cartoon channels without your permission. At first it would create a mess at your home as it would be tough for your kids to accept this step; but spend more time playing with them and convincing them softly and soon they will become habituated with this system.

Get Control over Your Debts

Marketing gurus are working all the time to captivate you with their new products and make you compel to buy. We spend a good amount of money on these without weighing between our need and greed. And the situation becomes even serious when you have a Credit Card in your wallet.

These tips can be handy when you feel desire to buy such newly launched products:

  • Search negative reviews and know where it fails. It can deter you from buying. Often new products aren’t well tested by end users and thus waiting few months is worth saving your money.
  • Don’t use more than 30% of credit limit; it would badly impact your credit score and you may disqualify when you need a loan for a serious reason like buying a home, car or an expensive medical treatment. If you already have used 30%, wait until an EMI is cleared.
  • Don’t let the total amount of your EMIs go beyond 40% of your total monthly earning. It would increase chances of missing payments which can be very dangerous for your financial health in the long term. Many people can’t ever come out of this trap during their lifetime!
  • Choose less number of EMIs when you buy something on Credit Card. It would increase the amount of your EMIs; but you can save a lot on interest and you’ll become free from the debt quickly – you don’t know when a bad time attacks your life.

The Bottom Line

I think you weren’t ready for such a serious post when you clicked the post reading the title, isn’t it? But, believe it would make some real difference in your life even if you pick a single as your New Year Resolution for 2018.

So, don’t waste your time on those exaggerated philosophical resolutions just to get more Likes; leave those for the teenagers to impress their girlfriend/boyfriend.

Remember, only your family would stand beside you during your bad times – or may be no one! Hence, prepare yourself accordingly and ditch the ‘bad luck’ this time.

Don’t forget to share what New Year Resolution(s) you picked for you.

A special thanks to Mr. Aroop Ratan Banerjee for helping me in writing the financial points.

Happy New Year you all in advance from team InfoHub!

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