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InfoHub is a reputed brand providing professional freelance content writing services to its global clients for their website, blog, brochure, social media and other requirements. By hiring our freelance content writers you can expect to get research based, completely unique and valuable content that will serve your purpose perfectly.

At InfoHub, we welcome both national and off-shore clients to hire freelance SEO content writer at highly reasonable price and get it delivered within time. Apart from excellent audience-focused quality assurance, we follow a straightforward business policy to ensure a long term healthy professional relationship and mutual growth.

Before you hire freelance content writer from InfoHub, we strongly recommend checking our terms and conditions thoroughly and only if you find it suitable for you, proceed to the next step. If you contact us for content writing services, we’ll believe that you have read our terms and conditions and you are agree with it.



  • We have a small but highly efficient team of freelance content writers. Therefore, if we are already packed with other projects, you may have to wait for our team to finish existing projects first. We don’t postpone any existing project just because we have got another high-pay project.
  • We are well proficient on both American and British English. Please mention what style you need while you hire a freelance content writer; or else our team will proceed with our default American English style.
  • At the time of assigning task, it’s your responsibility to provide all the information that you want us to include in the content. Also, if you have any preference on writing tone, matter etc., do mention it and our SEO content writers will follow them accordingly.
  • In case, you need your writing to be limited between a range of word count to fit with your web-page or print-media layout, do mention it.
  • In case you have any set of keywords to be included with the content, please provide it in the requirement specification sheet.
  • Generally, in case of SEO content writing, we maintain a keyword density of 0.5% to 2%, whichever is okay keeping the writing natural. Also, we try to use the keywords in the title, subtitles, and body wherever it is possible. If you have any other specific instruction, explain it before you hire freelance content writers.
  • We understand, being the domain expert, you might find some improvement scope in our submitted content and we always want to satisfy our clients by making the necessary changes. But, we accept only two modification requests for free after submitting a piece of content and that too within 3rd day of submission. You need to provide detailed guidance on what type of changes you want in the content before your ‘free modification limit’ expires. Any changes after the free limit will be chargeable as per the mutually agreed ‘base per-word charge’. Also, if you don’t inform us about the changes within the 3rd day of submission, we’ll self-declare it as ‘approved and accepted’.
  • We understand that due to several unavoidable reasons, at times you may need to pause a long term project for some time. But, in case it is longer than a week from the date of last submitted work, we’ll send you a fresh copy of proposal when you’ll start it again. Also, you need to clear all the previous dues before we start working again on the project.
  • Our writers are enough experienced and responsible to do thorough research before writing a piece of content. But, when you hire freelance content writer from InfoHub, you have to know that some information may conflict with information at some other sources or your personal knowledge and on that case it can’t be declared as ‘wrong information’ unless our team fails to provide you with the source from where we picked up the information.
  • We work strictly on weekly payment basis with new clients. Once you complete working six weeks with us without any payment delay, you would be allowed to make payments once in a month. Also note that we accept payment only through online bank transfer. You can find our banking details in our Non-Disclosure Agreement which will be submitted when we’ll get tied into our business deal.
  • In case, at some point you want to stop the project and exit from the agreement, you need to inform us in written with detailed reason – in case you are quitting for an issue from our end. We’ll pause our ongoing writing tasks and will contact you to find out mutually acceptable, satisfactory and feasible solutions. If you still want to exit, you have to make payment of every piece of content written till the date we received your project-termination letter.
  • In case, you fail to inform us on time regarding you decision of project termination, you have to bear the cost of content that we have written during this time.
  • By working with us, you also agree that our Terms and Conditions may change at point of time depending upon certain circumstances. In case, you already are into business relationship with us, you’ll get a revised copy of the Terms and Conditions before we make it live. If it doesn’t fit with your policies, you can terminate the deal and exit by clearing the dues.
  • For any query, drop a message to us and our team will get in touch with you.

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