About Simpa

Hey folks! I’m Simpa Banerjee, an Exercise Physiologist cum Beautician.

From now onward, I will be publishing simple-to-follow tips on common health and beauty related issues that you always wanted to know here at infohub.co.in.

I am a simple homemaker as well as a successful beautician. I have a good client base where I have served hundreds of men and women to lead a healthy life overcoming their health issues through exercise, proper dieting, meditation and easy beauty tips. I always suggest natural ways that are totally free from side effects and so you can follow them without any worry.

It all started with my extensive research during the early days in college when I had become too serious about my skin, hair, figure and other womanly qualities. I used to try every trustable suggestions to improve my internal beauty and health and gathered huge knowledge on what works and what not.

Gradually I started suggesting solutions to my friends and relatives regarding how to stay healthy and beautiful and it was working beyond expectation!

But, I become professional (not actually!) after having my baby. It was a horrible phase of my life that helped me finding out the professional within me. I had gained almost 25 kilo during pregnancy and even after delivery it reduced just 8 kilo. It was scaring for me to see a flesh-ball in the mirror. I become obsessed on how to lose belly fat quickly.

Thanks to my database that helped me to get back those curves within 2 months without using any unsafe pill.

My husband got overwhelmed and inspired me to use this knowledge to earn money through helping others. It wasn’t a bad idea. I started my chamber in my locality and soon I became popular for my safe and efficient tips.

Now whenever I go to any gathering, people keep asking me hundreds of questions regarding solutions for their health related issues. But, it’s not always possible or safe to give one-minute suggestion for all these issues – either they will fail or the half-information would lead to some serious complication.

So, I was looking for a platform where I can showcase my knowledge and help thousands of people get answer to their queries. Thanks to Mr. Aroop R. Banerjee for offering me the opportunity to write on such a popular platform.

Frankly speaking, I am new in writing with average English. But, I promise to provide you valuable information. Just keep me encouraging through your valuable comments and share the posts on your social account to help others get solution to their issues.

And if you have any query on any health or beauty related issue, don’t hesitate to drop a message in the Contact page.

Live healthy, live happy!