About Aroop

Hi, I’m Aroop Ratan Banerjee – your digital marketing partner.

I am a Google Certified Digital Marketing Expert, as well as freelance content writer in Kolkata and a financial geek who keep researching financial topics of common people’s interest. My aim at InfoHub is to provide you with prominent growth in your business and social identity as well as guide you on every financial topic that you may be interested in.

Well, I don’t have a professional degree on the finance domain; but, I have hands on experience and exhaustive knowledge on Digital Marketing Services that may be valuable for you as an individual or for your business.

Apart from a professional freelance content writer in Kolkata, I have good reputation in the global market for my up-to-date and efficient digital marketing services.

Earlier, during my career I’ve worked with several IT companies for years and have written thousands of unique, engaging and useful content. But, I repent on my decision as I invested my vital age and spirit on those low-paid 9-6 job. And above all, these companies don’t know how to respect a professional.

So, instead of wasting my mental energy and skill on writing for others, in 2016 I launched my own blog to make money online as a freelance content writer in Kolkata. As I didn’t have any technical knowledge, I spent hours to develop my website for free and often worked till the dawn and went to office the next morning.

It was a tough struggle for me to manage my startup, office and family simultaneously and to some extent I compromised on all three.

After few months of hard work I got mentally collapsed as my efforts were not getting result. I was hardly getting 5 to 10 visitors per week and that wasn’t going to help me anyhow. Yes, it was a super flop project – at least till the month of December 2016. I lost a bulk amount of my small savings that I had invested in the business.

But, I didn’t surrender! I started a thorough research on how to make money online through blogging and implemented all the best practices to promote a website to generate traffic and the result was really remarkable.

Within the next 3 months I saw the graph to spike like anything. I was getting visitors more than 500 per day which was highly rewarding for me. And you won’t believe, today I make an earnings of more than Rs.50,000 per month from my blog and that too after working as a full time freelance content writer Kolkata for my employer.

So, I decided to help others involving in the same business who are looking for some genuine ways to make money online and started this blog to provide step by step guidance on how to make money online. I am proud to say that today I have 100+ low cost business plans with suitable idea for every individual.

Again I don’t claim to be a professional; but I confirm that my guidance are simpler to follow than any other content in the web and all of them are tested by me personally and so you can follow without any doubt.

So, just keep visiting to check my latest posts on low cost business plans and start your online business – I’m here to provide you every support.