Seven out of ten YouTube channels are launched just after listing another ‘massive success story’ of the ancestors. Millions of views on every video, millions of subscribers and above all, a huge earning report makes them impatient starting their vlog YouTube channel.

But, soon after launching their own channel, they get confused about why they aren’t getting enough views, likes and subscribers, says an expert at our digital marketing agency USA.

They keep sending links of their videos to their friends and relatives; post their link on social walls and even call their colleagues to watch and subscribe.

Yeah, it can work dramatically — if you are a ‘celebrity’ with millions of fan-followers in Twitter, Insta, LinkedIn etc. For others, ‘Proper SEO’ is the only Free Way to get views and subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Yes, SEO isn’t a term that’s relevant only for a website! In YouTube as well, it is a very much crucial factor to give you massive boost — if done properly.

So, if you also are facing the same issue, this article is designed dedicatedly for YOU. Read until the end; if required re-read before you proceed.

Do Thorough Keyword Research

Keyword is the prime thing to tell YouTube who is the right viewer of your video. You can win half the battle, even after recording your video, just by doing a thorough keyword research, says a senior executive at our digital marketing services USA.

How to Search Keyword for YouTube Video?

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  • Just type a couple of words on the YouTube search field and note all the relevant suggestions provided by YouTube. Try this process multiple times with similar type of key phrases.
  • Search a video relevant to your one and sort them by Most Popular and note the keywords used by that video.
  • Register at VidIQ and use the keyword suggestion tool of this platform to get some more ideas. Make sure to choose the High Score and most relevant keywords only. You can even install the VidIQ extension, if you are using Google Chrome.

Check Competition of Your Keyword

There’s no such tool that can tell you the exact competition on a given topic or keyword in YouTube. But, there are tricks that you can always use. Write a keyword followed by “site:youtube.*” and you will get a list of all the videos already published on YouTube on this topic. The more number of videos, means the tougher the competition is.

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Create the Final Keywords from The List

Now arrange these keywords in an excel sheet. Segregate them as per length, popularity and competition. Now pick 5-6 keywords keeping points mentioned below in mind:

  • Higher popularity is better to target a bigger audience chunk
  • Longer keywords are easier to rank
  • Low competition keywords are easier to rank
how to search keyword for youtube

As per an expert at our digital marketing agency India, it’s always better to maintain a good balance among these three key points to get a comprehensive boost.

Improve Your Keyword List

So, it seems you have all the powerful keywords, right?

Nope, there is one last method that you must consider.

Yup, have you ever noticed that when you search any keyword on Google, only a few YouTube videos are shown on Google SERP, while there are hundreds of similar videos on YouTube?

Well, that’s because they have used some of the golden keywords on their Title. What’s special on this? It will ensure you two-way traffic: one from YouTube’s internal algorithm, and another from Google’s Search Page.

Well, these are not any different keywords from the ones that you have selected. But, they are presented in a special pattern that Google likes a lot, says our SEO specialist at our digital marketing agency USA.

The titles that consist of How-to, Tutorial, Funny these types of terms get special attention of Google and they have a higher chance to get highlighted by Google’s SERP. Also, the videos that are made on sports or fitness related topic, tends to appear on SERP.

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So, if you have any option to modify your title that way, give it a try and you can be in a good advantage than your competitors.

How to Use The Keywords in Video

Now, when you have all the ‘golden’ keywords at hand, let’s learn how to use them properly in your video.

DO NOTE, pushing keywords here and there will not give you any better result. Rather, it can be treated as keyword stuffing, keyword spamming by YouTube and your video may be knocked out of YouTube’s list. So, follow the steps mentioned below properly.

Create A Powerful Title

Your title is the second powerful thing, after the video thumbnail, that attracts a viewer and tells how valuable is this video for them. But, again you have to keep the keyword in mind.

So, use the most valuable keyword in the title and present it naturally just like a user types on the search bar. The higher your matching ratio would be with users’ search terms, the higher chances would be to appear this video on YouTube’s search result.

YouTube offers you 90 character space for your title. Don’t waste this space. Utilize it to its fullest and create a powerful title. If your primary title can’t cover up the full length, use another keyword in a different way along with the primary title.

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It will increase your chance to match with more than one search terms and you can get impression for multiple searches easily.

Write Detailed Description

There are people who either leave their description blank, or push lots of keywords and links of previous videos. But, this makes it difficult for YouTube to understand what the video is all about and who could be the right audience.

So, as said by one of the experts at our digital marketing services USA, write detailed description about your video. Use all your keywords naturally wherever it’s possible and avoid keyword stuffing. You don’t need to list down your keywords separately if you have used them in your description.

You can obviously push your reference links and previous video links for better internal linking; but limit them to 3-5 links at max.

Use hashtags of your channel’s name, and a few keywords or relevant terms related to your video. It can help you appear your video for some more terms.

Use Short & Popular Tags

Tags are good ways to relate your video with right audience. YouTube helps audience showing most relevant list of videos from this tag section. So, you get higher visibility if you have used some of the most relevant and popular tags.

Well, this is not a complete list; but, it can work great for most of the videos. For some special type of videos, you may need to consult with experts to get higher visibility. So, don’t hesitate to consult with our experts for free for any support.